Are Online Casinos a Scam, or Not?

Despite its reported popularity and growth over the years, still a lot of offline gamblers prefer to gamble on brick and mortar casinos. With the confusion unsettled, it might scare newbies away, thus having them not making a move from the usual tedious and exhausting travel to and from land-based casinos to the one of a kind comfort online casinos basically provide. So, for once, is online casino a scam or not?

There are factors that would help us uncover answers to the question either online casino is a scam or not. But if you ask for my answer to this question this early, my answer would be no. Online casino is definitely not a scam.


First the competition. From the day the online casino was coined and introduced to the virtual community, it has grown rapidly that nowadays there are presently thousands of casinos online catering different gaming flavors to different geographic locations, but not all of them have made it to the top. With this in mind, some groups try to duplicate well-established online casinos, but when they fail to strive and stand at what it takes to offer quality service and attend to what things that really matters to players, they just die, leaving patrons with unpaid winnings. In that case, the players affected by such scenario would then go concluding online casinos are nothing, but a scam.


With a huge following, online casino has become one of the most profitable online businesses. Though establishing and acquiring licenses can be the hardest part, but once its on top, there goes the ROI. In fact, some casinos online even reported to have earned quarter a billion. That rings a bell on the ears of the pirates.

Learning that online casino is a profitable business, some groups may think of establishing a rouge casino / free roulette site site built to just take vital information. And when players get on the trap, there goes the bad experience. Emptied credit balance can be the worse case scenario. You would simply tell to others this bad experience and loudly say online casino is a choosing seat to value betting, would you not?

False Info-Sharing

Dont be intrigued about this point. With the competition getting tighter, you would hear from different angles a mix of good and bad things about casinos online. Why is that? If you own an online casino, especially the one that is losing some memberships, you would simply take advantage of the bad publicity the competition has. Even worse, these bad publicity can be a set up by some entity we never know. We players winning at poker, as we appreciate opinions, listen to them as they talk, especially when we are the newest in town. And then, when the majority says its a scam, there is a tendency that we too say it is.

Fairness Issue

Talking about information sharing, a lot would say that online casinos arent fair towards players, thus they think that casinos online take an overwhelming advantage over most of the games they cater, leaving players losing most of the time no matter how sure-fire their strategies might be. This is simply not true. Online casinos employ RNG to guarantee to players that neither between them has the edge, but all depends on luck.

You need to be watchful of the seal that proves the fairness of the system employed by the casino though. There are Casino Control Boards that guarantee them such as the eCOGRA. I guess that means online casinos with the eCOGRA seal is verified fair, offering quality service, not a rouge site and, above all, not a scam.

From this point on, if you are still unsure about either online casino is scam or not, the only thing you can do to uncover the true answer for yourself is for you to engage on it. Theres a list of top online casinos to start with compiled by the site.

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